Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In the month of May, 2010 I happen to pick up a Sports Illustrated magazine
as I often do to read on the latest happenings in the sports world. When I got
to page 54 I almost dropped the magazine. There was a picture of Gareth Thomas....
the only openly gay male athlete staring me in the face. I was having a bite to eat at a
restaurant as I read this mans story. I was overcome with emotion as my eyes
watered up. I related so well to the words that were written about him. The years
of  INNER TURMOIL, the STRUGGLE to be who you are, and the final FREEDOM.
"The truth has set me free". I have heard Gareth say that and read those words
in articles and videos that I have watched about him. As a artist I tent to paint and
draw people and places that inspire me. I am truly inspired by Alfie! My goal one
day is just to meet him (It's on my bucket list) to shake his hand and say "THANKS"
You have no idea how you have helped me to be myself. This blog is meant to be
a POSITIVE place where I can share my art to whomever would like to see it and also
to honor the man Gareth Thomas with posts and photos of what is happening to him
in today's world.
Pencil drawing on heavy sketch paper.

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